About basicediting

Welcome to basicediting, a combined website and blog dedicated to questions of language, presented by Leon Stephens. 

The primary purpose of this undertaking, let it be clearly stated at the outset, is to promote the editing services I offer: for details, click on the Editing Services tab.

To this end – and for my further entertainment, yours as well if luck is with us, and something more than entertainment if our combined efforts are sufficient – I feel compelled to offer something of my own writing to demonstrate to the visitor and potential client the basis of my claim as an editor. Certainly one may hold up experience (see the Life & Work page), praises and prizes (though of these I have garnered little or nothing), one may inflate the CV to the point of such self-exaltation that the reader will be forced to ask, Why is this great genius reduced to peddling his wares on this humble website? But in the end the proof is in the pudding: the first bowl of which may be tasted at www.lulu.com/spotlight/pluramon. Here you will find my 16 self-published books, most of them translations: a sample of each one is available. Simply click on any title, and below the enlarged image of the cover which will then appear, on the word Preview. For the purpose of determining my knowledge of contemporary norms of punctuation, paragraphing, sentence structure, etc., I recommend that you not choose my translations of Cervantes, in which I have followed the sentence structuring, capitalization and punctuation of the original, early 17th-century Spanish editions, in which rather different and inconsistent norms prevail. Choose, rather, Three Stories by Gustave Flaubert, His Only Son or Doña Berta by Leopoldo Alas, or Traces of the Atlantic Civilization by Martin Freksa, or go to my little book titled Drugs, Anyone? & other essays.

This title, you may have noticed, also belongs to one of the pages in this blog. Here I intend to offer all the essays of this book, one by one, periodically removing one and putting another in its place. The title essay will remain as a permanent feature of the page.

Apart from these items, you will find various posts on the Home page dedicated to whatever may occur to me to write, and which you are free to comment, harangue, rip to shreds, adulate, in short, what you will. All comments are admitted for publication here, and unless the volume is overwhelming, which I do not expect, all will be acknowledged by e-mail. The most interesting, as well as the most idiotic, will be answered according to the time I have available for the task.


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