Editing Services

The offer

The editing services here offered are, as the website’s name implies, the most fundamental: correction of grammar, syntax/sentence structure, spelling, punctuation, capitalization – in short, everything that has to do with correctness of form and clarity and conciseness of expression; in addition, I will discuss and make recommendations concerning such matters as paragraphing and organization of the material, which means entering on an elementary level into questions of style.

But only on this level, helping if possible to remedy what is stylistically awkward, because on a more advanced level style is a personal question that I do not intend to treat. By the same token I will not advise you on character development, plot structure and the like. If such elements of fiction writing can indeed be taught I don’t know, but unquestionably I am not qualified to do it. If there is anything in your writing beyond the basics I am concerned with that I feel I can briefly comment to your advantage, I will offer my opinion, without charge, but with the understanding that it is nothing more, and that the adjective expert is not part of it.

Regarding scientific writing, the same approach applies: my editing will be concerned strictly with the linguistic questions outlined above. I will not offer any corrections of your scientific knowledge, reasoning or opinions. I am not a scientist, my scientific knowledge is fragmentary, and furthermore I assume that you have access to colleagues who will provide that sort of criticism for you. In short, the corrections I will make are not dependent on my level of scientific knowledge, but only on my knowledge of the English language.

Fees & payment

For the services offered the charge is €15/hour. To determine the cost of editing any given piece, the method is the following.

I ask the client to send me 1500 words of the text to be edited with a relatively close estimation of the total number of words in the writing. When the sample has been corrected, I will inform you of the price for the complete job. (If desired, I will return the corrrected sample for a standard fee of €15.) The client may then accept or reject the proposed budget.  (If you pay for the corrected sample and accept the budget, the fee for the sample will be subtracted from the total price.) Payment is by bank transfer, in advance of the work.

The purpose of this procedure is twofold: First, it allows the potential client to have at a small cost, if desired, a sample of my editing work, so that hiring me to do the complete job, which may be expensive if the text is long, will not be a shot in the dark. Secondly, it allows me to calibrate the charge as exactly as possible for each writer, so that the hourly rate can be strictly applied. Otherwise I would have to apply a generally higher cost per x number of words in order to compensate for extra time spent on the thorniest, most time-consuming texts. I apologize if this seems overly complicated: I hope, however, that it will allow me to provide a low-cost service. My object is to make a living, not to get rich.

Use of material

Intellectual property rights of the material I receive belong exclusively to the author. Once the editing job is completed and the corrected material returned, the text will be deleted from my computer. In the case that a proposed budget is not accepted, the same rule applies: the material will be deleted. It will not be used for any  purpose other than the editing work. It will not be reproduced or in any way communicated to any another person. There will be no exception to these norms.


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